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One day, hopefully in the not so distant future, this page will be filled with published books with Avi as the author.


In the mean time, you can read Avi's short story in the Northern Beaches Writers' Group 2023 Anthology.


Villian or Hero?
Anthology – Speculative, Historical & Contemporary Fiction


One person’s villain can be another’s hero. Delve into the pasts, thoughts, and alternate worlds of character types we’re supposed to hate. Meet the real witches and scoundrels of our childhood tales, the archetypal religious fanatic, the brilliant mastermind, the evil ex-spouse, the meddling housekeeper, even the monsters of myth and legend. Immerse yourself in the perspectives of creatures and criminals who lurk in the deep dank dark of our cities, oceans and jungles…

This anthology explores the transformative power of perspective, challenging archetypes, reflecting contemporary sentiments, and retelling  stories you thought you knew.


Zena Shapter (Author, Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Layout, Cover Design), A.R Kelly (Author), Aislinn McKenzie (Author), Avi Vince (Author), Elise Robertson (Author), Howard Reid (Author), Mandy Munro (Author), Mark White (Author), Megan Rohleder (Author), Rosalie Horner (Author), Sonia Zadro (Author), Sue Osborne (Author), and Susan Steggall (Author).


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